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The Astrology Of... Podcast

Obsessed with astrology?
Fascinated by the human experience?
Us too.

Welcome to The Astrology Of… Podcast, a podcast that takes a starry eyed look at the world and the people who exist in it. Join hosts, astrologer Laurel and akashic practitioner Dani, as they delve into the zodiac signs of some of the biggest names in pop culture and explore the celestial influences of the things we all love… or love to hate.

With a mix of wit, wisdom, and witchery we unravel the astrological charts of everything from beloved celebrities to malicious murders. The Astrology Of… Podcast leaves no planet unturned in our mission to go beyond the Sun Sign, decode the unseen energies of our world, and dish out insight into the cosmic factors that shape our realities.

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