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1:1 Cosmic Quest
Coaching Program

Ready to stop sacrificing yourself and break free from life's perceived constrictions? Embark on a one on one journey to true self-alignment with our personalized astrology forecasts, tarot readings, and step-by-step coaching program. Optimize your relationship with life and seize the holy grail of attuned alignment. Start your transformational journey today!

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Wandering Stars
Astrology Foundations Group Mentorship

Learn the language of the stars and enhance your understanding of yourself and your world by learning astrology for yourself through this group astrological mentorship program. This complex, nuanced system of understanding and working with energy is powerful and potent, and available for all to learn and harness. We'll work together with the support of other like minded astrology enthusiasts to ensure you have a concrete understanding of astrological foundations and how to confidently interpret astrological charts with curiosity and compassion.

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Cosmic Quest Coaching eWorkbook

Not quite ready to partner up for Cosmic Coaching, but curious to start your journey with some guidance? The Cosmic Quest Coaching Workbook is the perfect companion to kickstart your transformational journey.

Within its 55 pages, inspired by the esteemed teachings of Attuned Alignment's renowned 1:1 coaching program, you'll find a treasure trove of transformative insights and practical tools. Explore essential topics such as charting your life's course, cultivating resilience in the face of fear, and embracing the timeless wisdom of universal truths.

This workbook isn't just about theory—it's a hands-on guide designed to support you every step of the way. Engage with thought-provoking exercises, delve into intuitive reflections, and utilize valuable resources like the Astrology 101 Cheat Sheet and Birth Chart Reflections to deepen your understanding and accelerate your growth journey.

What's more, the workbook's fillable format means you can dive straight into your cosmic exploration without delay. And with the flexibility to progress at your own pace, you can integrate these transformative insights seamlessly into your daily life, fostering lasting alignment and empowerment.

Laser Alignment
Cosmic Coaching Session

Feeling bogged down by a particular challenge or dilemma? Our one-time commitment session is tailor-made to provide laser-focused support.

Whether you're grappling with a personal or professional issue, we'll pinpoint the obstacles, tap into your inherent energetic patterns, and ignite progress in your growth journey. This session is your ticket to breaking through blockages and gaining the clarity needed to move forward with confidence.

No matter the area—career, relationships, health—we're here to offer cosmic insight and empower your next steps. Book now to unlock your potential and propel yourself towards success.