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It's time to stop following
someone else's life blueprint
and start living by yours.

Break out of low level "cookie cutter" living.
Understand and align with your cosmic blueprint.
Maximize your potential by working with your energy.
Not against it.

I'll help you do it.

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Maggie A.

Laurel has changed my life. I have had a long, tough road to get here. I am forever grateful for finding them. I am now on my way to a path of self healing and through their guidance I can finally take a breath of relief. To anyone who is seeking help, an emotional hug, or just a simple friend willing to hear your voice and thoughts, you've come to the right place. Your journey has just begun with the help of Laurel.

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Laurel and I have been working together for a few years, and I can't even put to words what a beautiful impact they've made in my life. My perspective on life, love, and my coping strategies - especially when it comes to trigger moments - have improved so much with their help. I highly recommend their coaching to anyone who cannot seem to find their way back to themselves on their own, and who are prepared to do the work to get there, because if you're working with Laurel, there's nothing you won't be able to fix.

Demi C.

These systems we're in,
they weren't built for us.


To our great detriment, modern society isn’t designed to encourage self acceptance, self fulfillment, or self confidence. We all have a tendency to put others’ opinions first, put our needs last, and put our deepest dreams on a pedestal just beyond our reach.

In our attempts to force our star shaped spirits into molds never cast for us, we've become unaligned, clouded, and disconnected from our abundant intuition - an internal compass that always points to your true north. It's become a cultural phenomenon to low key make fun of our mental health, self confidence, and limiting beliefs while suffering beneath the weight of obligation, anxiety, doubt, and scarcity.

When we fall into these prescribed patterns of thought and behavior, we’re inadvertently giving up our personal power to create interactions and experiences that invite our spirit’s essential balance, joy, and purpose. And let me assure you, there’s nothing on earth that can impact and shift your relationship with life more than being in total alignment with yourself.

It would be my great privilege to be your intuitive guide and advocate along your unique path toward inspired empowerment and living every day as a hero in your own legend.

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Laura T.

If there’s one word to describe my experience working with Laurel it would be “transformative.”  If you want to see positive changes in your life and mindset, I definitely recommend these coaching sessions. I have always tried to figure out my true purpose and how to change my negative habits. When I started working with Laurel, I was unhappy and didn't know how to change that. I've struggled with depression and was feeling stagnant and directionless in life. I was not sure of myself or my next moves, and had lost touch with my spirituality. The readings that Laurel gave me helped me feel reassured in my direction. I would absolutely encourage you to work with Laurel. They helped me dig deep and find meaning and intention. The goals we set helped me get back in school and find a new job that aligns with my path.  I did not expect their intuitiveness to be so spot on, but they were able to guide me toward making real life changes and practice a more intentional way of everyday life. 10/10!

Visualize for a second


Visualize yourself actively living a life that felt purposeful, intentional, and affirming to your true nature.

Visualize yourself navigating the twists and turns of your journey with curiosity and confidence, rooted in a strong foundation with yourself.

Visualize yourself feeling empowered to make decisions and take actions that only encourage self-acceptance and attunement with your authentic desires.

Easy, right?
Maybe for some, but not for everyone.
 At least not at first.

For far too long, I couldn't even imagine what life could look like if I were to live completely from my sincere spirit, genuinely in tune with what I wanted for myself.

To be honest with you, because so much of what life "should" be arrived to me packaged and prescribed, I didn't even know what I wanted for myself, only what I didn't want. 

I knew that underneath all the what-ifs, shoulds, coulds, and oh no, this agains there was a small, shining part of my spirit that was eager, desperate even, to break out and claim space in my life. Not even just space, it wanted to claim life, a life that was meant just for it. Meant just for me.

Maybe you've felt that small speck of light glimmering inside you too, and if you have, I invite you to heed the hero's call for self alignment, and move into a season of empowerment and personal clarity.

Ready to see your Self clearly?

I wanted to gain more clarity on what's happening in my chart, so I can gain more understanding and awareness about the external forces and energy that are contributing to my experience. [Laurel] not only offered me such a wealth of knowledge and insight, but [they] also validated my experience and I felt great solace at the end of the session.

Courtney F.

Katy M.

Laurel's passion and skill translates into bringing you solid guidance. Even when the information isn't sunshine and flowers, Laurel makes you feel like there's still a way to work with what's there. The information is neutral - it's what we do with it that makes a difference and Laurel's guidance encourages taking care of the self so you can live into your best self.

Hi friends, I'm Laurel

First and always, I am a gleeful experiment of the human condition. You might call me a lifetime learner, because I firmly believe that Earth is a school, and if you're here, there's always a chance for growth and development.

As a spiritual person graced with intuitive gifts and connection to Source, I have a deep passion for helping others transcend beyond self imposed limitations and embrace themselves with nurturance and compassion.

I have been a dedicated student of astrology and tarot for the past 12 years, having practiced astrology professionally for the last 2. Oh, and I like to write poetry sometimes.

I'm also what I call a Becomer. I have become myself again and again, each version of me always real and true, even - and especially - the ones that were out of alignment with my highest Self.

I’ve had many revisions to bring me where I am now: an always unfinished person committed to the quest of personal growth, healing, and balance. For, there is no such thing as perfection, only optimization.

I am excited, willing, and humbled to share what I’ve learned and experienced about the intuitive power of awareness, storytelling, and interpretation so we may shine our ever brightening lights together.

Laurel's passion is contagious! They are not only well versed and deeply knowledgeable about their field, they also love what they do and you can feel it in their energy. I felt understood, and like thoughts and feelings I've had have purpose and destiny attached to them.

April Q.

Lynann D.

 It is worth the money. [Laurel's] level of detail and expertise are top notch. I learned about possible windows of opportunity and also potential challenges so that I could be proactive and not as reactive to situations and events. It also gave me a bird's eye view of how my business and projects would likely be flowing. [In one word, I would describe my experience as] rich. I use that word to say that the information and experience were very full and satisfying.

Your quest doesn't have
to be a solo expedition.

While the path toward personal alignment and empowerment is ultimately a journey that only you can fulfill, it isn’t one you have to undertake alone.

Think of me as the Samwise to your Frodo - I may not be able to throw the ring into the fires of Mt. Doom, but I’m going to be with you the entire way. Afterall, a good support system is sometimes all the strength a hero needs to fulfill their quest.

 Have questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Yes, I'm ready!